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A self-paced course gives you the tools to build a promotional plan that scales your music career.

The system is built off 12+ years marketing experience at Interscope, Downtown Records, Atlantic, Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube Music.

My experience at a glance


🤓  Creator of School of Deep Cuts – online release planning course 


💿  Previous label marketer and brand strategist


🏆  Work awarded by Cannes, Webbys, SXSW Innovation, Clio’s, One Club, Shorty’s


📈  Taught emerging artists how to build fans for Spotify


✉️  Launched Deep Cuts, a music marketing newsletter used by more than 10,000 industry pros. Featured in Billboard and Hypebot


📚  Taught 1,200 students how to build an audience like Macklemore through Skillshare


📲  Wrote Content Strategy 101 for Google’s education app, Google Primer that has 90K downloads


🎤  Interviewed by Spotify, SoundCloud, Water & Music, Music Business Podcast, Your Morning Coffee, Hypebot, Beatstars, and Music Entrepreneur Club


✈️  Worked in NYC, LA, Seoul, Melbourne

Deep Cuts blog & TV

A treasure trove of industry secrets, resources and strategies to market your music written by former label exec, Amber Horsburgh.

Featured In

Amber is not only knowledgeable and adept at presentation, she’s super accessible and responsive to questions. 

And being part of a school (as opposed to just sitting alone in my office watching YouTube videos) I feel like I’m part of a community of people with similar goals and varying levels of expertise who are willing to share experiences and help each other out.

Becky Hoffman

Artist Manager, USA

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